Texas Scramble Rules Explained

Discover the excitement of Texas Scramble rules, a popular team golf format.

This guide covers the basics of Texas Scramble, from rules to common questions.

Whether you’re a golf pro or a beginner, grasp the Texas Scramble rules to elevate your golfing fun.

Rules of Texas Scramble in Golf

Texas Scramble is a team-based format that brings together the skills and contributions of each player to create an exciting and competitive round of golf.

The format is often chosen for charity events, corporate tournaments, or simply as a fun alternative to traditional stroke play or match play.

Here’s a breakdown of the fundamental Texas Scramble rules:

Team Composition


Texas Scramble is typically played by teams of four, although variations exist for smaller groups such as pairs Texas Scramble. Each team member plays a crucial role in contributing to the team’s success.

Tee Shots

The game begins with each player teeing off. After each player hits their tee shot, the team must choose the best tee shot to use as the starting point for the hole.

This tee shot should be in the best possible position to set the team up for a successful hole.

Subsequent Shots

Once the team has selected the best tee shot, all team members will play their next shot from that spot. From there, they continue to play shots this way until the ball is holed.

Putting Rules


Texas Scramble putting rules have specific characteristics that make it a unique and enjoyable variant of golf. To encourage team play, each player must contribute by making at least one putt during the round.

This means that if one player in the team is consistently sinking putts, the team can still benefit from the skills of the others.


The team’s score for a hole is typically the total number of strokes taken to complete the hole. The team with the lowest total score at the end of the round is declared the winner.

Texas Scramble can be played over 18 holes, 9 holes, or any other predetermined number of holes.


Handicaps are often used in Texas Scramble to level the playing field, especially when teams have a mix of skill levels.

Handicap allowances are determined by the tournament organizers or based on the official handicaps of the individual players.

Texas Scramble vs Scramble


Texas Scramble:

  • Equal Participation: Requires each team member to make at least one putt during the round, ensuring everyone actively contributes.
  • Teamwork Emphasis: Places a significant focus on teamwork and decision-making as the team collectively selects the best tee shot for each hole.
  • Fairness: Often utilizes handicaps to level the playing field, making it inclusive for teams with varying skill levels.
  • Slightly Slower Play: Discussing shot selection and putting strategy can extend the round duration.

Traditional Scramble:

  • Speed of Play: Faster pace due to no requirement for each team member to putt, making it efficient for a quick round.
  • Showcase of Skills: Allows standout players to make a significant impact on the team’s performance.
  • Inequality: May lead to unequal participation, with some players dominating the game while others have a passive role.
  • Limited Teamwork Emphasis: Compared to Texas Scramble, there’s less focus on teamwork and strategy.

The choice between Texas Scramble and a traditional scramble game depends on event goals and player preferences.

Texas Scramble promotes equal participation and teamwork, making it ideal for camaraderie-focused events. Traditional scramble may be preferred for a faster-paced game or showcasing standout players’ skills.

🏌️‍♀️ What is Texas Scramble in golf?

Texas Scramble is a team-based golf format in which each team member hits a tee shot, and the team selects the best tee shot to play from. All team members then take subsequent shots from that spot, continuing until the hole is completed.

🏌️‍♀️ How do you play Texas Scramble in golf?

To play Texas Scramble, form a team of four players (or a different number depending on the variation). Each player tees off, and the team selects the best tee shot. All players hit their subsequent shots from that spot, and the team continues until the hole is completed.

🏌️‍♀️ What are the rules of Texas Scramble in golf?

The key rules of Texas Scramble include selecting the best tee shot, having each team member contribute with a putt, and tallying the team’s total score for each hole. Handicaps may also be used to level the playing field.

🏌️‍♀️ Can Texas Scramble be played with two players?

Yes ✅, Texas Scramble can be adapted for two players, known as “pairs Texas Scramble.” In this format, each player takes two shots per turn, and the best shot is chosen for the team.

🏌️‍♀️ What is the difference between Texas Scramble and regular scramble?

Texas Scramble and Regular Scramble are similar, with the main difference being the requirement for all team members to contribute with a putt in Texas Scramble. In a regular scramble, there may be no such requirement.

Strategies for Success

Mastering Texas Scramble requires a combination of individual skill and effective teamwork. Here are some strategies to help your team excel in this format:

  1. Strategic Tee Shots: Selecting the optimal tee shot is critical. Choose the one that provides the best starting point for the team. It’s not always about hitting the longest shot but finding the most advantageous position.
  2. Varied Skills: Teams benefit from diversity. Have players with different strengths, such as long hitters and precision players. This ensures that the team has the right player for each shot.
  3. Effective Putting: Ensure that everyone in the team participates in making putts. This not only eases the pressure on a single player but also enhances the team’s overall putting performance.
  4. Communication: Keep the lines of communication open within the team. Discuss strategy, shot selection, and other important decisions openly and constructively.
  5. Stay Positive: A positive attitude goes a long way in team play. Encourage your fellow team members and maintain a sense of camaraderie, regardless of the outcome of individual shots.


Texas Scramble rules offer an engaging team golf experience that fosters camaraderie and strategic play. This format’s unique emphasis on teamwork, equal participation, and strategic decision-making sets it apart from traditional scramble games.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the sport, understanding Texas Scramble rules adds an exciting dimension to your golfing adventures.