Best golf balls for beginners

Are you a new golfer? If the answer is yes, you must be anxious to know and start enjoying this game. But you cannot do so if you do not have the best golf balls for beginners. That is why I have taken the time to prepare this article with the best golf balls you can pick as you start this fantastic golfing journey. 

How to choose the best golf balls for beginners

How to choose?

 The majority of the new players know that golfing is not a straightforward game. Your challenges start even before you get to the golf course, where you have to choose the right equipment for golfing. Among others, golfing balls are essential parts of the necessary equipment. These balls come in varying features and colors. It is also important to note that each of them behaves differently on the golf course. Please read on to find out the best golf balls for beginners for an incredible golfing experience. 

Top best golf balls for beginners

1. Callaway Soft Chrome Golf Balls Callaway Soft Chrome

These are the best golf balls for the long game. You can find the balls from the Callaway specialist brand, which has high ratings on Amazon. The ball’s design incorporates a softcover and an inner layer of ultra-low compression. These features make the ball soft when hitting. They have high precision and suitable for straight and long flights. Callaway’s design of the beginner balls is available in striking and original pink color and a pearl white color. The colors help to increase their visibility. 

2. Srixon golf balls Srixon golf balls

 I have picked Srixon among the best golf balls for beginners because they offer a reliable performance from any point on the course since their redesigning. These golf balls are available at Amazon. They are the best golf balls for beginners and handicappers with golfing experience. The golf ball has the design of an energetic growth core with four features that target the intermediate and the beginner golfers. Also, these include trajectory, turn, responsiveness, and acceleration. The golf ball has a spin ski and a 324-dimple pattern that provides a beautiful feel and maximum distance from the tee. That is a great golf ball whose spin skin coat creates friction, while its medium softness helps control a short game. 

3. The Titleist Pro V1 The Titleist Pro V1

The Best golf balls for beginners looking to lower their score. This ball is available on Amazon. It helps you to improve on your impulse distance. I recommend Pro V1 for you if you are looking for enhanced control and feel when you direct the shot to the green. The design of these golf balls achieves value, distance, and sensation. With these balls, you will attain both the angle of descent and trajectory. 

4. TaylorMade TP5

These balls are not very cheap. However, they offer efficient and excellent performance. You can order these balls at Amazon. With TaylorMade TP5, you will be sure of high control over shots for up to a hundred yards. Most players offer high recommendations for these balls’ quality and use in short and long games. The double twist technology on the outer core allows you to maximize power without worrying over the control. 

5. Vice Pro golf balls Vice Pro golf balls

The best golf balls for beginners to achieve maximum compression. You can order these golf balls on Amazon. They will offer you an excellent tolerance to impact from the swings. When you buy Vice Pro, you will achieve high quality at a low price. The ball’s cover has 336 dimples with a urethane cover. That promotes good distance and low flights. Buy Vice Pro for a good feel and increased spin opportunities with a short iron. 

6. Superhot Callaway Bold Mate Superhot Callaway Bold Mate

 Choose this golf ball if you are looking for the best firm golf balls for beginners. You can buy the ball at Amazon. The design of this ball enhances control every hit while enhancing control. Most beginners love its firmness towards the perimeter of the ball. The firmness enhances the handling for inside the green and the long shots. The Superhot Bold mate is available in hot orange colors that allow their easy spotting. 

7. Volvik Crystal Golf Ball Volvik Crystal best Golf Balls for beginners

 Volvik golf ball is one of the best golf balls for beginners because it combines the feeling in the hit, the distance, and control for optimal performance. You can buy this ball at Amazon. The golf balls employ the Power Reaction Core technology to create three layers. That makes the balls achieve firmness that increases towards the outer core. The ball’s speed and good feel increase while the softcover provides a good feeling with the short play roll of aggressive shooting. Try this ball for improved trajectory even under windy conditions. The balls are available in green, blue, or even pink colors.

8. Wilson Ultra 500 Balls Wilson Ultra 500

 The golf ball sells under the brand Wilson and is available on Amazon. It is super useful and cheap. Ultra 500 golf balls come with two-piece construction. That helps ensure that you achieve the expected results for every strike and long-distance. They also achieve high energy when on the flight. The golf balls are commendable for beginners and expert golfers. Besides, they are effortless to find. 

9. The Bridgestone e6 golf balls 

 These golf balls are a triumph of technology in making golf balls. The balls will offer you a better consistency with each shot through their two-piece design. You’ll also find the delta dimple design to smooth the air resistance. It increases the distance, air resistance, and aerodynamics while resisting the frustrating popups that come with straight shots on the golf ball. The core’s low compression achieves both a soft feel and a high speed for the ball. The balls will also offer you a moderate speed swing and gives a higher control than ever before. Buy this ball at Amazon for the best beginner’s golfing experience. 

10. Nitro Golf Balls Nitro

 I have picked these as the best golf balls for beginners for value. The balls are excellent for achieving the much-needed distance. They are also available in a two-piece construction, providing a familiar, comfortable feel for an ordinary golfer. The Nitro Maximum Balls are ideal for those getting into golfing. Buy this ball today at Amazon and enjoy training golfing. 


 So, there you have it, the best golf balls for beginners. I hope the list helped you choose the best golf balls to choose from. You can choose the golf balls based on what you want to achieve, be it the distance, the long, or the short gameplay. All the best as you start your journey in golfing!