Plus Handicap in Golf

Achieving the elusive status of a plus handicap in golf is a dream for many, symbolizing top-tier skill golfer and distinction on the golf course.

In this article, we’ll unravel what a plus handicap

entails, offering insights into the journey to become a plus handicap golfer, comparisons with scratch golfers, and the impact of plus handicaps in different competitions.

Key Insights into Plus Handicap Golf

  1. Exceptional Skill and Dedication: Plus handicaps signify outstanding skill and commitment, with a lower handicap index showcasing the ability to compete at an elite level.
  2. Achieving Plus Handicap Status: Mastery of distance control, course management, consistent performance tracking, and focused physical and mental practice are essential elements for reaching plus handicap status.
  3. Course Handicap and Handicap Index: Understanding the course handicap and handicap index is crucial, as a plus handicapper maintains an index lower than zero, reflecting superior playing ability.
  4. Course Rating and Slope Rating: The course rating and slope rating significantly influence a golfer’s handicap, helping them assess the difficulty of different courses and adjust their handicap allowances accordingly.

Is a Plus Handicap Good in Golf?


Yes, a plus handicap player is exceptionally skilled, boasting a handicap index lower than zero. This status indicates consistent performance below par, setting them apart from the majority of golfers. The rarity of plus handicaps, around 0.18% for men and 0.05% for women, underlines the extraordinary skill and dedication required to achieve this level.

Achieving Plus Handicap Golf Status

Embarking on the path to becoming a plus handicap golfer requires unwavering dedication and a meticulous focus on honing one’s skills. Mastery of distance control becomes paramount, allowing golfers to precisely navigate the course and optimize their performance.

Course management emerges as a critical skill, as plus handicap golfers need to strategically navigate each hole, making informed decisions that contribute to consistently stellar rounds. Continuous performance tracking becomes a ritual, enabling golfers to identify strengths and weaknesses, fine-tuning their game with each swing.

The commitment to both physical and mental practice becomes integral, ensuring that the golfer is not only physically adept but also possesses the mental fortitude to handle the challenges on the course.

Plus Handicap Golfers vs. Scratch Golfers


In the realm of highly skilled golfers, the distinction between plus handicap and scratch golfers lies in the handicap index. While both groups showcase exceptional proficiency, plus handicap golfers consistently outshine their scratch counterparts by consistently performing below par. Their handicap index reflects this superiority, indicating a higher skill level that sets them apart on the golfing spectrum.

Competing in various tournaments, plus handicap golfers often enjoy a performance edge, thanks to their ability to consistently achieve scores below par. This not only adds a layer of competitiveness to their game but also positions them as formidable opponents capable of delivering exceptional performances when it matters most.

Plus Handicaps Among Professional Golfers

Among the elite ranks of professional golfers, many proudly boast estimated plus handicaps. The pinnacle of this achievement is evident in the PGA Tour, where the average handicap index for players stands at an impressive +5.4.

This elite status represents a significant advantage in professional competitions, highlighting the extraordinary skill required to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Impact of Plus Handicap on Competitions

In both stroke play and match play competitions, the introduction of a plus handicap adds an extra layer of complexity and fairness to the game. This ensures equal opportunities for players with varying handicaps, creating a level playing field where skill, strategy, and execution determine success.

The plus handicap not only challenges golfers to elevate their game but also contributes to the dynamic and diverse nature of competitive golf, enriching the overall experience for players and spectators alike.

Female Golfers with Plus Handicaps

A select group of female golfers, including iconic figures like Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie, has demonstrated exceptional skill by achieving plus handicaps, constituting a noteworthy segment within the golfing community.

Approximately 0.69% of female golfers boast plus handicaps, signifying a remarkable feat. These accomplished players, with names etched in golf history, have secured notable victories in prestigious tournaments like the US Women’s Open and the LPGA Tour.


The achievements of female golfers with plus handicaps, exemplified by renowned athletes such as Sorenstam and Wie, stand as a source of inspiration. Their success underscores that triumph in the sport is attainable through hard work, dedication, and passion.

By consistently delivering high-level performances and challenging conventional limits, these women, including but not limited to Sorenstam and Wie, leave an indelible mark on the annals of golf history.

Notable Plus Handicap Records in Golf History

Golf legends Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler have etched their names in history with peak plus handicap index ratings, showcasing extraordinary talent and skill.


Woods, a paragon of greatness, consistently outperformed par, setting a benchmark for aspiring golfers. Rickie Fowler, known for dynamic play, achieved a peak handicap index that places him among the elite.

These records transcend personal milestones, contributing to the broader narrative of golf’s evolution. They inspire new standards, motivate aspiring golfers, and reflect the indomitable spirit that defines the essence of the sport. In celebrating these achievements, we honor the enduring pursuit of excellence that shapes golf’s rich history.

Plus Handicap Golf Summary

In conclusion, the plus handicap in golf stands as a symbol of unparalleled skill, dedication, and passion. Whether you aspire to join the ranks of plus handicap golfers or seek improvement in your game, remember that with relentless effort and a commitment to excellence, achieving greatness on the golf course is within reach.

⛳ What does a plus handicap mean?

A plus handicap in golf means a player has a handicap index lower than zero, indicating consistent performance below par.

⛳ Is a plus handicap good in golf?

Yes ✅, a plus handicap is excellent in golf, showcasing exceptional skill as the player consistently outperforms par.

⛳ How many plus handicap golfers are there?

Plus handicap golfers are rare, with approximately 0.18% of men and 0.05% of women achieving this elite status.

⛳ What does a plus 7 handicap golf signify?

A plus 7 handicap in golf suggests a high level of skill, as the player consistently performs seven strokes below par.

⛳ How can one achieve a plus handicap in golf?

Achieving a plus handicap requires mastering distance control, course management, consistent performance tracking, and regular physical and mental practice on the golf course.