Golf tips for beginners

If you have started golfing and wish to learn some useful golf tips for beginners, this is the right place for you. It would be best to consider starting with the most fundamental insights before going to the complex practices at later stages. This article compiles golf tips that you can practice even at home without going to a golf course. The best and easiest way you can learn the basic golf tips for beginners is by starting the training. That will be your basis for perfecting your golfing skills as you advance to other levels. 

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Best golf tips for beginners

1. Grip Tips 

That is the first and the most important golfing tip that you should learn as a beginner. The grip aims to help control the golf club. Players who cannot grip the club correctly sacrifice accuracy, distance, and the golf ball’s control. 

If you learn to grip the club even before you have started to hit the golf ball, learning the game turns out to be much easier. Your improvement rate from the tie you will start hitting the golf ball will be faster if you follow other golf tips for beginners. 

Methods of gripping the golf club

Overlap (Vardon grip)- This is the most important grip for golf players. In this method, players overlap the right pinky with the left index finger. 

The interlock grip

Practice this method if you have smaller hands. This method will be the most suitable for you if you are a lady. In this method, interlock your right pinky with the left index finger. Many accomplished golfers employ this method to win many majors using the style. 

Ten finger grip 

You can use this grip if you need to acquire the feel of swinging the golf club. The tactic makes it easier for you to learn the correct grip early. That avoids developing many bad habits that one will be unable to avoid in the future. 

Do not use this grip if you want to learn golf faster. It makes the control of the distance difficult that you hit the ball. Besides, the accuracy and the feel around the green are usually difficult. Although some players will acquire a weak golf grip, some acquire a strong grip. Yet, this ten-finger grip style limits your ability to acquire any consistency with the striking of a ball. It would be best to employ some proper golf tips for beginners when you train this grip. 

Golf game for beginners

If you still encounter difficulties acquiring a feel for your golf club’s correct grip, consider a golf grip trainer for help. The training device will help keep your hands at the correct position on the golf club. 

If you need to know the intensity of pressure you need to employ when holding the golf club, consider implementing golf grip pressure tips. 

Consider a scenario where you were to hold a full open tube with toothpaste. If you want to ensure that none of the contents seep out, you need to give it a tight grip but not too light to make you lose control. That is similar to golf grip because a player must give it a tight grip for maximum control. 

2. Golf tips for beginners – golf set up.

That is among the best golf tips for beginners. It would be best if you start by learning the correct setup posture for golfing. One of the important things you must maintain in the golfing setup position is relaxation. You should consider the following three key points for your posture: 

  • Make your arms to be hanging just directly down from the shoulders. 
  • You should avoid bending your knees. Instead, please keep them in a flexed position. 
  • You can bend from the hips with hanging arms to get the club to the golf ball. 

Most players will usually bend their knees a lot due to their advice when they train. Besides, they usually tend to reach the ball using their arms. You should always make sure that you stay relaxed. This position should keep the clubhead directly behind the ball. If the clubhead is not in this position, it then means that you are either standing too close or too far to the ball. Correct your position by shuffling your feet back and forth to reach the golf swing’s correct setup position. 

Best equipment

3. Golf tips for beginners – the right equipment 

When you go out to golf for your first time and carry your grandfather’s clubs from the store, you will have a hard time. For an efficient and excellent experience, carry the beginner golf equipment. The design of these equipment gives beginner golfers the distance, ball flight, and forgiveness they require. Getting the ball to the air will need you to do a few things right, which only the beginner golf club will help accomplish. 

You need to select the equipment that matches your height and aligns with your most suitable weight, flex, and appropriate head design. Find a club whose length exceeds the standards of the golf club if you are taller than 6’1″ or shorter than 5’6″. The game will be much easier when you carry proper equipment. You should spend some time and money to find the right equipment when you bare first starting to golf. 

4. Balance 

Golfers tend to struggle in creating and maintaining balance. If you cannot stand on your feet at ease and comfort, you will struggle to improve your game. You should train on keeping your balance at all times and not on the golf course alone. For instance, practice at home by putting your hands across your shoulders and practice making swings while not holding a club. Doing so will strengthen your lower body and help you perfect your golf turn. 

Best golf tips for beginners

5. Place play 

That is also among the essential golf tips for beginners. You can practice pace play by doing the following: 

  • Think about the club that you will hit at all times. 
  • Park your golf cart at small locations.
  • Avoid spending excessive time looking for the lost golf ball.
  • Don’t worry too much about scoring at first. 
  • Avoid taking excessive practice swings. 
  • Practice playing from a set of tees, which will work for your skills level. 


I hope that these golf tips for beginners will give you a better feel of what you should do when training as a new golfer. Avoid getting tips from many sources when you start training because they can overwhelm the game. Rather, look for accurate, relevant, and helpful tips from one reliable source as you practice the game – all the best in your golfing career.