Best petite womens golf clubs

You have probably already chosen the golf balls that are best for women. This time we will help you choose a golf club. Finding a set of golf clubs for a petite lady isn’t easy. There are a variety of options in the market but finding the one that will suit a petite lady can be frustrating. A petite set is ideal for short ladies with heights ranging from 4’11” to 5′ 4″. Using long golf clubs makes you miss most of the shots and can make you feel frustrated on the golf course. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best petite womens golf clubs.

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Factors to consider buying best petite womens golf clubs?

When looking for the best golf clubs for petite ladies, there are some factors you need to pay keen attention to get the best set. They include the following;

Consider your height

This discussion is aimed at petite ladies looking for clubs that will be good for their height. In this case, the clubs we are looking for should be ideal for ladies with a height ranging from 4′ 11″ to 5′ 4″. Women who fall in this height category should go for the shorter shafts that feature petite sets.

The shafts

The shaft you go for should be shorter than the standard ones. Its weight and flex are also factors that will play a major factor in your ultimate decision. A shaft that is a little bit lighter and with the correct flex has a positive impact on the results you register.

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The club’s weight

When buying the best petite womens golf clubs, you need to consider the weight of the clubs. Lighter clubs are more comfortable to use because they provide you with more control. That will enhance the club-head speed, and that will improve the distance. Lighter clubs will be ideal for petite ladies.

Your budget

It is important to consider your budget when buying the best petite womens golf clubs. There is a wide variety of golf equipment. Your budget has a huge impact on determining the type of golf clubs you carry on the golf course. Some sets will cover the entire price range from budget to premium branded manufacturers asking prices. It is advisable to look at the benefit that you will acquire from paying a premium and then make a concrete decision weighing the options whether it will be worth the extra money.

Style Preference

Women highly regard style and fashion. For this reason, the style of the golf club will have a part to play when choosing the best golf clubs for petite ladies. There are a variety of styles available in the market. One has the advantage of choosing the style that suits them best.

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The composition of the set

That is another important factor to consider when choosing the best petite womens golf clubs. The composition of your set should enable you to cover most scenarios. In addition, it should make you not require to change clubs often.
When looking for the best golf clubs for petite ladies, there are a few questions one needs to ask. Petite women golfers require all the help they can get to make sure that get a golf club that suits them. Here are some of the questions that will help get golf clubs that will suit a petite lady well.

How long should petite club golf be?

The term “petite” describes short or small. For a woman to be categorized as being “petite”, her height should range from 4′ 11″ to 5′ 4″. That kind of height makes them limited to individual women golf clubs. Therefore, golf clubs for petite ladies should be shorter than the regular ones.

What size golf clubs do I need?

If you are not sure of the size of golf clubs you need, you need to try out club fitting. The fitting ideally is a chart that describes the height of a golfer, the ideal club length, and the wrist to floor measurement. Your height will play a significant factor when determining the angle for your club. Therefore, you need to be aware of that before moving on with the process.

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Who should use petite golf clubs?

Many people are aware of their weight and height. Judging whether you are a tall or short person is not easy. Most golfers will consider their height when choosing a golf club. Petite ladies understand that they need to go for a club that will fit well with their height. So, petite golf clubs were designed for women with a height ranging from 4′ 11″ to 5′ 4″. Petite golf clubs are lighter, shorter, and more convenient for them.

How long is a women’s petite driver?

A golf club set comes with a variety of clubs for different purposes. For example, you will find woods, irons, putters, drivers, hybrids, etc. a lot of emphasis is given to drivers because of the kind of quality performance it provides in most games. In addition, you will find a petite driver in the set. It has a length of about forty-three inches. In most cases, its length puts the loft at an angle of about twelve degrees.

Should shorter golfers use shorter clubs?

The rule of thumb is that every golfer goes with clubs according to their height. If a taller golfer tries out shorter clubs, it will be uncomfortable. In the same way, if a short golfer tries regular size clubs, the outcome will not be ideal. However, shorter golf clubs will suit petite ladies well, ensuring they enjoy their golf course.

Should I shorten my golf clubs?

If you did not purchase clubs that are ideal for your height, you may have to shorten them. That means you will cut a few inches off so that they become convenient. Unfortunately, cutting your club sometimes makes them more stiff and inconvenient to use. In this case, the best thing to do is to buy another club that is good for your height.

Best petite womens golf clubs – conclusion

Being petite should not hinder you from enjoying the beautiful game of golf. On the contrary, getting the best golf clubs for petite ladies will help you enjoy your golf course. One example of golf set for petite ladies.