How to play golf? Game rules for beginners.

The game of golf we value and enjoy playing today has been around since the 13th century. The history of golf is quite intensive. Luckily, the game evolved over the years to grow to the fun game that we know of today. Unless you know how to play golf, this game can beat you up. It leaves you wondering why people refer to it as the most excellent game ever played. On the other hand, if you master this game, it is highly rewarding and calming.

Grass, ball and tee

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about golf rules. Golf rules is a very important component of this game.

First things first, What is Golf?

Golf is a game where a small hard ball is hit with a club into a small hole in the ground. Golf is undoubtedly one of the most loved games in the world, a reason why it features as one of the top 10 popular games in the world. To play golf, you just turn up to a golf course(usually an extensive well-manicured land specifically designed for playing golf) and try to get the ball into all the 18 or 9 holes in the course with the least possible number of shots.

To help you understand this game better, let’s look into the golf course’s major components.


That is the area where a golf round begins and is usually a ‘part’ of the hole. There are marks here that signify skills level, and so you are supposed to set your tee and ball up to 2 meters behind the holes. In a golf course, some holes may have more than one tee boxes.


That is a 30-50 cm yard stretch between the tee box and the green. When hitting the ball, you should ensure that the ball lands here since the second shot is easily made from the fairway.


That is the area that lines the fairway and is characterized by long grass. That is the most challenging part to hit the ball from, and it is the wish of every golfer that the ball does not land here. Every golfer should therefore master how to control the ball’s flights and landings.


That is a short grass area where the hole is located. The ball hit from this area should roll easily to the hole, and hence you should master its conditions to achieve this.

The hazards / out of bounds

These are the other areas other than the rough that a golfer should not hit the ball to. The hazards are either the bunkers or the water. The bunkers are holes in the ground filled with sand and spread all over the fairway and the green. The latter is any area with water that surrounds the fairway.

How to play golf - ball and tee

How to play golf? The rules

Learning golf rules is the number one component of mastering this game. The good thing is that if you just understand the basics, you can learn the other rules as you master the game. So what are some basic rules used in this game?


When playing this game, the average score is calculated from the total number of strokes you make to get the ball in each hole. Each hole has a specific and ideal amount of strokes that you should make to get the ball into the hole; the par. In general, the par for each hole ranges from 3 to 5.

The total numbers of pars for each hole are summed up to come up with the entire course’s total par. This figure is mainly 72 for an 18-hole golf course. To score a par on each hole, you must strike the ball in the specified amount of strokes specified for that hole. Under pars and over pars are common in a typical game and can increase or decrease your scores, respectively.

Other rules

You can only carry 14 clubs

When going to a golf club, you are allowed to carry only 14 clubs in your bag. That means that you should select wisely the clubs you should use for different play situations. There are penalty strokes for each hole you play if you have extra clubs.

Order of play

The person who is furthest from the hole goes first when it is time to strike from the green.

You must adhere to the dress code

Golf courses expect every golfer to dress conservatively and neatly. Don’t just turn up to a golf course with your favourite loose attire.

The golf cart should be treated as a standard vehicle

The golf cart used to commute around the golf course should not be taken as a joyride. The traffic rules, signals and signs must be obeyed while driving it.

When the ball is off the tee

The cause of the fall determines whether you can re-tee or not. If the ball falls off due to natural elements such as wind, you are allowed to re-tee. If you miss hitting the ball and whiff it off the tee, you should hit it from the ground.

You can’t block a player’s shot

Golf is not a game of defence, and hence you should not try to interfere with your competitor’s game in any way.

Out of bounds

If you hit the ball into the water, you can take a one-stroke penalty and drop a new ball from where you just hit or on the area just before the out of the bound section.

In general, these are the basic rules you need to internalize when playing golf.

Green fields ir a game

How to play golf? The penalties

One stroke penalties

If you intentionally or unintentionally move the ball, your ball gets bound or lost, or when there is a fire hazard, a stroke is added to your score even if you did not take a swing.

Two-stroke penalties

Two strokes are added to your score if you play the wrong ball or consult when playing a super competitive game.

How to play golf? Final thoughts

If golf is played right, it goes without saying that it is a beautiful game. Whether you to do it as a hobby or as one of your relaxing activities, it is a fantastic game that can teach you a lot about your life and that of others. Enjoying the green lush is equally relaxing as playing the game itself. So no matter your situation, you should find time to try this game, and you will surely understand why golf is unique. Hopefully, the guide above has provided you with all the necessary rules you need to be a master of this game.


❓ What are the major components of a golf game?

  • Tee;
  • Fairway;
  • Rough;
  • Green;
  • The hazards / out of bounds.

❓ How should a golfer behave?

  • Golfer can only carry 14 clubs;
  • You must adhere to the dress code;
  • Golfer can’t block a player’s shot;
  • You can only repeat the beating of the ball when it falls off the tee for natural reasons. Otherwise you will have to hit the ball off the ground.

❓ What are the penalties for playing golf?

  • One stroke penalties:
    • When you lose / drop the ball for any reason, then you get one penalty point.
  • Two-stroke penalties:
    • You get two penalty points if you hit the wrong ball or consult then playing a competitive game.