Best golf outfit

Golf sport has offered serene landscapes and with excellent skills for an extended period. Whether it is your first time playing or a pro, the best golf outfit you wear will help you make or break your game. From shirts, shorts, pants to socks, getting the best of these outfits will do you a great deal in golf.

Best golf shorts

Best golf outfit

Best golf shorts

The golf clothing market is vast, and there are many golf brands and manufacturers now than ever, providing consumers a wide choice of the best golf shorts. However, it is essential to remember that whatever your style on golf shorts is, it will pay to go with a short that is well designed for the game because it enhances your performances. These modern shorts not only need to look good on the body but also provide benefits in terms of convenience, stretchiness, and moisture-wicking capabilities. Below are some of the best golf shorts to help you make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Nike golf flex hybrid short

The manufacturer of these shorts is Nike Flex fabric. The short can provide you with total comfort, mainly because of its waistband, which is elastic. Also, with this short, you get to enjoy its tacky internal shirt gripper that prevents your golf shirt from coming upwards and causing discomfort as you play.

Inesis short

That is a hybrid short with a blend of cotton and elastane, thus providing comfort and an excellent fit. Another great feature of this short is the lining in its pockets. The reinforcement in the lining makes it to divot repair tools. That provides more comfort because you don’t have to get annoyed when there is a hole in a pocket.

TravisMathew short

That is among the best styles available in the market today when it comes to general performance, comfort, versatility, and daily value. The fabric stretches well and has a moisture wicking capability making them comfortable to wear all day.

Other best golf shorts include;

  • Puma golf jackpot short;
  • Mizuno move tech lite short;
  • Penguin Herringbone short;
  • Galvin green paolo short;
  • Adidas golf ultimate365 short.
Best golf pants

Best golf pants

That is another category of golf outfit that has come a long way for technological innovation and style. Most of the offers available in the market today have strategic ventilation, and sticky waistbands keep your shirt tucked in throughout the game. Comfort is key to golfing, and indeed, comfortable pants can enhance the enjoyment of around. The market offers you a wide range of quality pants, and here is a list of the best golf pants you can choose to buy.

Peter Millar Durham

That is available in seven different earth tones and is professional. They are not too tight and not too loose. Also, you can find these types of pants in three different inseam lengths. The fabric used to make this pant is polyester, meaning that you don’t have to go through the troubles of dry cleaning or ironing. It stretches well with a moisture wicking capability.

Lululemon pants

These are lightweight and breathable pants. It is stylish and sporty, inspired by a five-pocket jeans style. Also, they are suitable to wear both when in and of the game. Also, you don’t have to worry about where to put your phone while on the game because this pant has a hidden zippered pocket on the back. There are about nine different colors to choose from.

Nike flex

That, unlike the rest of the pants, is European styled and with tapered legs. It has many pockets to provide you with enough space for tees, scorecard, and ball marks. It stretches well and moisture-wicking capability to provide for comfortability. You can get it in five different colors.

Puma jackpot

That gives you about 13 options of colors to choose from, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting the right one to match your polo. It is made of a sticky liner on the waistband to help keep your shirt tucked in. The moisture-wicking capability allows the user to have comfort while playing.

Greyson Montauk Jogger

Manufactured by Greyson clothiers, these joggers are indeed a head turn up. The pant originates from Italy with a waistband that provides flexibility and comfort. You can find it in six different colors.

Other best golf pants to check out include;

  • Footjoy traditional;
  • Dunning player fit;
  • Bonobos Highland.
Man plays game wearing shirts

Best golf shirts

When it comes to finding the best golf shirts or any other products, every golfer will need a little guidance. Nevertheless, you don’t have to sweat it with shirts because I got you covered. Before giving you a list of the best golf shirts, it is vital to know some things to look for in a good golf shirt.


You can get several options, with two being the main ones; regular or slim fit. It is always advisable to go for a regular fit because a slim fit has tight sleeves. With a regular fit, you get more space and freedom.


Golf shirts are made of two materials or a combination of both, and that is cotton or polyester. Cotton fabric offers breathability and moisture-wicking properties, and therefore, most people go for it. Polyester has similar characteristics. However, when these two fabrics are mixed with other materials like elastane or spandex, they become comfier in terms of stretching.


We all want to look good in our golf shirts. Find yourself a choice with a color, design, and patterns that you like and works best for you.


Frequent golf players would want to have a range of these shirts. Putting your budget into consideration, you can get a range of suitable options to wear in different conditions and experiences.

Other best golf shirts

  • Criquet;
  • Callaway Micro Hex;
  • Adidas ultimate365;
  • Linksoul Dry Tek.

Best golf socks

That is the easiest piece of golf outfit anyone can upgrade or change anytime.

Kane11 Harry socks

These provide socks that fit in different sizes.

Kentwool sensation wool

It comes with moisture-wicking and comfort properties at the same time reducing friction and muscle fatigue. Moreover, these socks help control temperatures with its cooling agent.

Bombas ankle socks

They are midweight, made of cotton-poly blend fabric. These socks offer cushioning as well as thermoregulation, thus enhancing breathability.

Footjoy Prodry

Unlike the rest of the types, these socks incorporate a drysof technology to provide wick moisture from your skin. That helps keep the foot dry and comfortable during the course.

The best golf outfit

Best golf outfit – conclusion

In summary, golf outfits play an essential role in generating good performance. Being able to find yourself the best golf outfit will help you enjoy your games.