Nassau Golf Game

Nassau Golf Game elevates the experience beyond a simple game; it’s a blend of friends, competition, and skill. This classic approach not only defines golf but also makes it more exhilarating.

In this easy guide, we’ll discuss what the Nassau golf game is, how to play it, and why it adds fun to your golf day.

What is the Nassau Golf Game?

The Nassau Golf Game is a kind of bet you can add to your golf round. It got its name from Nassau County, New York, where people started playing it a long time ago.

You can play this game casually with friends or make it more competitive—it’s up to you!

The main idea of the Nassau Golf Game is to split the 18-hole game into three parts: the first nine holes, the second nine holes, and all 18 holes. Each of these parts is like a mini-game where you can win or lose.

Nassau Golf Game Rules

To play the Nassau Golf Game, you need to know a few simple rules:

  1. Front Nine, Back Nine, Overall 18 Holes:
    • The game is split into three parts, and you can win or lose each part: the first nine holes, the second nine holes, and the whole 18 holes.
  2. Betting Units:
    • Before you start, agree on how much each bet is worth. This is called a “betting unit,” and it’s the money you play for.
  3. Winning the Nassau:
    • To win, you need to have the lowest score for the part of the game you’re playing. So, if you’re playing the first nine holes, try to have the fewest shots.
  4. Pressing:
    • If you’re losing, you can decide to “press.” Pressing means you want to double the bet for the remaining holes, giving you a chance to catch up.
  5. Automatic Press:
    • Some games have an automatic press if you’re losing by a certain number of holes. This helps keep the game exciting by giving the player behind a chance to catch up.

How to Play Nassau Golf Game?

Let’s break down how to play the Nassau Golf Game in simple steps:

  1. Agree on Betting Units:
    • Decide how much each bet is worth before you start playing. This makes sure everyone knows what they’re playing for.
  2. Determine the Nassau Format:
    • Choose whether you’re playing the standard Nassau with three parts or if you want to mix it up. Some people like playing with different rules.
  3. Establish Pressing Rules:
    • Talk about when and how you can press. This makes sure everyone is on the same page about doubling the bet.
  4. Enjoy the Game:
    • Have fun! Play each hole trying to have the fewest shots, and remember it’s a friendly competition.
  5. Settling Bets:
    • At the end, figure out who won each part and settle the bets. If there’s a tie, you might carry the bet over to the next round.

Similar Golf Betting Games

Besides Nassau, there are other fun Golf betting games in golf. Here are a couple you might like:

  1. Skins:
    • In Skins, each hole is worth a certain amount of points. The person with the fewest shots on a hole wins the points. If it’s a tie, the points carry over to the next hole.
  2. Wolf:
    • In Wolf, players take turns being the “Wolf” and choose a partner for each hole. If the team wins the hole, both players get points.
  3. Match Play:
    • Match Play is when each hole is its own game. The player with the fewest shots on a hole wins that hole.


The Nassau Golf Game has been around for a long time, and people love it for its simplicity and excitement.

Whether you’re a golf pro or just starting, golf game Nassau adds a special touch to your day on the golf course.

So, when you’re planning your next golf outing, consider playing Nassau with friends and experience the joy of this classic golf betting game.

⛳ What is a Nassau Golf Game?

A Nassau Golf Game is a betting format for golf where the 18-hole round is divided into three separate bets: front nine, back nine, and overall 18 holes.

⛳ How do I play the Nassau Golf Game?

To play, agree on a betting unit, decide the format (front nine, back nine, or overall), and aim to have the lowest score in each segment to win the bet.

⛳ Are there specific rules for the Nassau Golf Game?

Yes, the main rules involve dividing the round, determining betting units, and deciding how pressing (doubling the bet) works. The player with the lowest score wins each bet.

⛳ How does Nassau relate to golf betting?

Nassau is a popular golf betting game, offering a structured and engaging way to add friendly competition to a round of golf.

⛳ Are there other betting games similar to Nassau in golf?

Yes, there are various golf betting games, but Nassau remains a favorite. Other games include Skins, Wolf, and Match Play, each with its unique rules and charm.