Best golf balls for slow swing speed

A gold ball suited for your skill level can take your game to the next level. It emphasizes your strengths and weaknesses. Thankfully, golf equipment manufacturers are now using scientifically researched metrics to develop balls that will suit any golfer’s playing style and swing speed. Since a majority of golfers have relatively slow swing speed, it is crucial to find the best golf balls for slow swing speeds. If you want, you can read the article about best golf balls for distance.

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Whether you want a soft feel, spin, or distance, or a combination of all, you will find a great golf ball that excellently delivers your needs. If you swing at a little slower speed, you need a golf ball that combines short game control, distance, and affordability.

However, the many options available in the market makes it relatively challenging to pick the right ball for your speed. In this article, we will delve into the best golf balls for slow swing speed. Continue scrolling to see what ball perfectly suits your game level.

Best golf balls for slow swing speed TOP 10

1. Titleist Tour Soft golf ball

Titleist Tour Soft golf balls have a large core under an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover for longer distances and more short-game spin. With their non-urethane covers, they have a soft feel and are incredibly playable around greens. They also come with a spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design that enhances flights.

Although they are not the most forgiving balls, they are still of premium quality. You will be amazed by their soft feel and the great distance plus respectable spin these balls offer.

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2. Srixon Soft Feel golf balls

Srixon golf balls remain a solid choice for most golfers with slow swing speed. One of their best golf balls for slow swing speed is the Soft Feel. The ball has a compression rating of 60 and comes with a soft cover for considerably longer distances and a good feel ideal for slow swingers.

The dimple pattern will help get your Srixon Soft Feel golf balls airborne with a great, straight flight. Generally, these golf balls help you get a reasonable distance, better spin, feel solid, and last longer.

3. Callaway Supersoft golf balls

If you have a slow swing speed and want a softer ball with great distance, this might be your favourite. The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have an extremely low compression rating for a soft feel. As a result, they provide more spin and good distance to help golfers get the best out of their game.

Callaway Supersoft balls feature HEX aerodynamic design, which enhances flight and helps them fly straighter. The Polybutadiene softcore marries with the Trionomer Blend cover of this 2-piece ball to increase distance, occurrence, and forgiveness.

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4. Taylormade Project golf balls

These 2-piece soft balls are designed with golfers having slow swing speeds in mind. They offer handy control around greens and allow for a good distance that any slow swinger will appreciate.

With their 322 dimple design, TaylorMade Project golf balls are greatly designed to maximize distance potential while being accurate. In addition, they are softer with a low spin off the tee and are playable around the green.

5. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls for slow swing speed

Titleist is one of the most famous golf equipment manufacturers. Their advanced Pro V1 golf balls utilize the best technology to ensure golfers with slow swing speed enjoy their game.

The balls are powered with a 2.0 ZG process core to deliver a low spin rate and relatively faster speeds for longer distances. If you’re seriously looking for consistency, these balls have a new dimple design and feel softer with their Urethane Elastomer cover. In addition, they feel soft around the green.

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6. Noodle Long and Soft golf balls

If you have a slow swing speed but are on a budget, Noodle Long and Soft gold balls allow you to enjoy your game with a ball matching your skill. Although many golfers think that these balls aren’t any great because they are cheaper, it is not the case. They are forgiving; therefore, allowing players to optimize distance potentials.

7. Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte golf balls

From highly visible matte finishes to a softer feel, you have all the reasons to pick Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte golf balls.

If you are looking to optimize distance, these 3-piece golf balls are an excellent option. The balls come with an aerodynamic design that provides low drag and optimal lift for strong flight and, consequently, longer distances. In addition, with a soft cover mated with three-piece construction, you will enjoy better control around greens.

8. Nitro Maximum Distance golf balls

This 2-piece ball features a highly responsive Titanium core that optimizes energy transfer from the clubhead to the balls to ensure you get extraordinary distance off the wood. In addition, with their highly responsive Surlyn cover, the Nitro Maximum Distance golf balls guarantee outstanding resilience and high performance.

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You will also achieve longer distances, thanks to the aerodynamic dimple design of these balls that lowers drag while increasing lift.

9. Bridgestone E6 Soft golf balls for slow swing speed

The Bridgeside E6 Soft golf balls are designed to help golfers with slow swing speed get top-notch distances and better accuracy. They launch higher and straighter to help you achieve longer distances on all of your shots. Unlike other balls, the Bridgeside E6 golf balls feature multiple colours for enhanced visibility.

Bridgeside E6 has a delta dimple design for smoother air resistance that increases the distance if you’re seriously on the hunt for explosive distance. The soft feel improves control around greens.

10. Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls

Feel is one of the most sought-after aspects by most golfers, particularly those with slow swing speed, and this is what Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls deliver. The balls have Truflex covers that provide an extremely soft feel on the greenside as well as low spin for longer distances.

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Thanks to the technology employed, you will achieve optimal distance with piercing flights.

Golf balls for slow swing speed – conclusion

A golf ball is the partner of every enthusiastic golfer. You can’t keep testing each golf ball and expect to become the best. The trick is picking the best golf ball for slow swing speed and start perfecting your game. Although selecting can be overwhelming, the above golf balls promise the best to golfers.