Golf club distances

Knowing how far one can hit their clubs when golfing is important because it saves their energy by reducing the strokes made since the ball is more likely to land where they expect. The knowledge is important, especially when you are in the green five yards, to enable you to make great shots. Your swing speed and the type of club you are using are factors that help determine your golf club distances.

Golf club distances

There are various golf clubs used to enable you to hit the correct distance on your golf course. Woods, wedge, iron, and putter are the golf clubs that are commonly used. The article below focuses on the wedge golf club and the degree of golf distances in clubs. Let’s brush through a variety of them.

Facts about Golf club distances 

Generally, golf club distances are a rough estimation of the clubs used to hit the ball. Where the distance covered depends on various factors such as your height, sex, and level of fitness. Similarly, you type, of course, ball, and swing speed also determines the distance covered. In most cases, the golf club distances are also calculated in yards, while one club varies from the other according to its loft, length, and lie angle.

Wedge distances (46 to 62 degrees)

46-48 degrees wedge 46 wedge degree distance

It is a wedge degree commonly used by people when hitting shots from an approximate distance of 110-125 yards. Experienced people can use this wedge degree distance to cover twenty-five more yards, thus reaching a distance of 140 yards. The average distance that a 46 wedge can cover is ninety yards for the females and one hundred and twenty for the males. However, the average distance covered by the 46 wedges usually varies from one player to another, and their level of skill also determines the distance an individual can cover. In most cases, male golf players can hit an average distance of 120 yards because they can cover a distance ranging between 100 and 140 yards. The females on the other side can hit around seventy to one-hundred and twenty yards hence their average distance being eighty yards.

48 degree wedge distance

A 48 wedge distance is used in covering long distances. However, the average distance covered by this wedge degree depends on whether the person who is hitting the ball is male or female. Men cover an average distance of 115 yards, while the distance is reduced to seventy-seven yards for females. A 48 wedge degree distance can be used for both long and short distances. It is common among golf players because it is the most comfortable. Additionally, it is also good to note that the 48 degree wedge should not be used in the mud or sand. But it is the best option to use in open areas and on grass surfaces.

50-52 degrees wedge 50 degree wedge distance

It is also referred to as a gap wedge because it fills the gap between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. In most cases, the gap wedge shots usually go beyond those of sand or lob wedges. A gap wedge can be sold alone and at times be sold with a sand wedge or a pitching wedge. It is a wedge used for short trajectories and high shots. This gap wedge is commonly made of steel, which is quite durable and gives you good control of your shots.

52 degree wedge distance

A 52 degree wedge uses a pitching wedge, especially when a person wants to cover a short distance. Making a swing using this wedge enables you to carry approximately ninety to one-hundred and ten yards. A fifty-two degree wedge distance can use gap, pitching, lob, and sand wedges. When using a sand wedge, you can cover an average distance of 60-100 yards. It is a golf club that is mostly used for banker shots and on sand grounds.

Golf club distances 54-56 degrees wedge 54 degree wedge distance

Used to cover approximately seventy yards. However, they can hit the ball for a long distance between 105-120 yards for the experienced and professional golf players. It is also used for bunker play.

56 degree wedge distance

If you want to cover an average distance of seventy-five yards, a 56 degree wedge is the best option. Like other degree wedges, the average distance covered by a 56 degree wedge is dependent on who is hitting the ball. A male golf player covers an average distance of seventy-eight yards while female players reach approximately sixty yards. It is used by persons who want to attain a high shot but have limited working space due to its high flexibility. Therefore, it is the ideal golf club to cover wide golf club distances and short games.

58-60 degrees wedge 58 degree wedge distance

It features 58 degrees of loft and is used to hit the ball high in the air quickly. 58 degree wedge is also commonly used when one wants to cover short distances around eighty yards. It also improves your greenside spin by providing you with solid contact between the club and the ball. It is also used for bunker play and enables you to use the lead edge when hitting the ball’s equator when hitting. When playing on wet bunkers, the 58 degree wedge distance will enable you to cover wedge distances of approximately seventy yards.

Golf club distances - wedge degrees

60 degree wedge distance

The 60 degree wedge golf club is said to form an angle of 60 between the clubface and the club’s shaft. It is also known as a lob wedge that contains a high loft angle that enables you to lift the ball high in the air. When the ball is coming down, it also lands softly on the ground without rolling away. It can cover an approximate golf club distance of thirty to one-hundred yards. The wedge distance covered depends on the golf player’s experience, the ball’s position, and the club head’s speed.

62 degree wedge distance

A 62 degree wedge is used to chip the ball higher in the air than the 60 degree wedge. It is also used for short shots in bunker play. It also covers an average distance between fifty and ninety yards.