Different Types Of Golf Clubs

Golf can be an immensely fulfilling activity whether for competition or to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But if you want to enjoy it – and see improvements on the course truly – one thing is essential: having access to different types of golf clubs. Indeed, knowing your wedge from your putter and learning how to use each type correctly can make a difference.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at all the different types of golf clubs available and potential occasions when they should be used. So, no matter if you’re a beginner or veteran golfer looking to up their game – read on for our tips on getting started with finding the best club set for your needs!

Different types of golf clubs and other equipment

When you examine some of the different types of golf clubs available, you’ll realize they come with various degrees of loft to get the ball into the air. They are also designed to hit the ball at varying distances and trajectories. Additionally, there are different sizes available within each type, usually indicated by the club’s number.

A golf club is considered long or medium when the loft angle is low and short when it is high. Golf clubs with a lower number are designed to enable the player to make more powerful shots than high-numbered ones.

Different types of golf clubs

  1. Wood
  2. Irons
  3. Putters
  4. Hybrids
  5. Wedges

What are the differences between them?


Woods golf clubs usually hit the ball the furthest. When used properly, they can hit the ball from 200 to 350 yards. Some years ago, the head of this type of golf club was made of wood like hickory and persimmons, which gave this type of golf club its name. However, today, this golf club type is made of metals such as titanium or stainless steel.

The wood’s head is usually rounded and large, with a flat bottom, to allow it to glide over the ground with ease when making a shot. On the other hand, the clubface of the wood golf club is usually large.

A wood golf club can be 1-wood or sometimes even up to 7- wood. However, the most common type of wood available is a 3-wood and a 5-wood. There are three reasons why wood is used in golf clubs. The first and the most crucial reason they are used is that they help the golfer keep their driver straight. Secondly, they hit the ball a bit shorter, and lastly, they can be used in the fairway.

1-wood is usually the least lofted and hits the golf ball the farthest. On the other hand, woods with higher numbers, 3-wood or 5-wood, are more lofted and used to hit the ball when on a tee or in the fairway.


Irons golf clubs are widely used in the golf arena. This is because of irons golf clubs from any hole. In fact, most players prefer Irons golf clubs when going for long shots from the tee box. As their name suggests, iron clubs clubheads are made of metal and are mostly used when the ball is fewer than 200 yards from the green.

Iron golf clubs are equipped with deeper grooves on the club heads that run from the toe to the heel. These grooves help them create more spin on the ball, making it easy to control the shot. Their heads are a bit thinner than other clubs like Woods, which provides better accuracy. Most golfers prefer iron clubs when making close shots because they provide better results due to their high accuracy.

Irons golf clubs are numbered from 1 to 9. 1-3 irons are referred to as long irons because they have a little loft, meaning they further hit the ball. 4-6 irons are referred to as the middle iron and are mostly used when the golf ball is between 150 and 170 yards from the hole. 7-9 irons have more loft, meaning they send the ball in the air easily.


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Putters golf clubs are arguably the most important because people use them the most. They are mostly used to roll the ball beside the green near the hole. Like other golf clubs, putters come in different sizes, with the standard putter measuring between 34 and 35 inches tall.

The broomstick and belly putters are quite more elevated and are mostly used to give the golfer better stoke, especially when the player has difficulties using a standard putter.

Putter clubs have flat surfaces and don’t have bounce angles or lofts. Plastic and metal are used as insets to provide a small feel. Golfers prefer putter golf when the ball is close to the hole because it enables them to roll the ball smoothly in the hole. To get the best result when using a putter, you need to read the green, judge the distance correctly, and then perform stoke to land the ball to the hole.


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Hybrid golf club’s popularity has increased tremendously over the last few years. As its name suggests, hybrid golf clubs are made of iron and wood, making them more versatile. Golfers widely prefer hybrid golf clubs because they significantly minimize the chances of mishits, make airborne incredibly easy, and allow easy control of stroke direction.

Recreational golfers mostly use hybrid golf clubs because of their ease of making strokes, but professional golfers have slowly started to use them. A hybrid golf club features a large surface area clubhead, which allows you to hit the ball from the sweet spot. They are the ideal choice if you want less drift on your golf balls.

They are also perfect for golfing in places like forests and bunkers because they provide more flexibility and ball control. Hybrid golf clubs come in 3, 4, and 5 hybrids.


Most golfers refer to Wedges golf club as a “game-changer” because of its unique characteristics. Wedges are similar to irons golf clubs in terms of their build and looks, but their loft differs. These clubs have a higher loft degree compared to other types of golf clubs.

Wedge golf clubs are mostly used when the ball lands on a turf surface or sand. They have a unique feature known as bounce (an angle created between the sole and the edge of the clubface).

If the golf club has a higher bounce rate, the club will bounce easily, meaning when you hit your shot from the ground, the club will not stick on the ground, as is the case with other types of golf clubs. There are different types of wedges golf clubs, including sand wedges, lob wedges, pitching wedges, and gap wedges, each equipped with different lofts and bounce angles.

How Do I Know What Golf Clubs To Use?

When selecting the right golf clubs, it’s important to consider the type of club you need and your skill level. 

If you’re a beginner, you should start with a larger club head and shorter shafts, while experienced players can opt for smaller heads and longer shafts. Note what type of swing you have – if you are new to golf, consider renting clubs or borrowing from a friend.

This will allow you to test different club styles and lengths before purchasing your own golf clubs.

Next, ensure that the length of the shaft is correct for your height and the type of swing you have. If the shafts are too short, your shots will be off-target. Too long and you won’t be able to generate enough power behind your swings. 

You should also consider the grip. A proper grip ensures that you maintain control of your golf club throughout the swing. Also, make sure that they are the correct flex for your swing speed. A stiffer shaft will generate more power and accuracy, while a softer shaft is better suited for those with lower swing speeds

It’s also important to understand that golf clubs can be expensive, so it’s best to try different styles and lengths before purchasing. If you’re unsure which clubs to buy, consider consulting round-up guides like this. They can help you find the perfect set of clubs that will fit your swing and provide maximum distance and accuracy on the course.  

How Many Different Clubs Are There In Golf?

A golf club set typically includes a driver, wood, irons (3 through 9), wedges, and a putter. All these clubs are designed to help you hit the ball with accuracy. In total, you should have about 12 clubs in your golf bag. 

In addition to the traditional clubs, many golfers carry other clubs, such as hybrids or fairway woods. These often replace long irons and are easier to hit. 

Other specialty clubs, such as chippers or punch shots, can improve your game but aren’t necessary for a complete set. 

What Is A 7 Golf Club?

The 7 iron is a mid-length, medium-lofted iron club. It’s typically used for shots of around 150 yards, and its low center of gravity helps produce a higher ball flight than shorter irons. 

The 7 iron has the most consistent distance and accuracy among the irons due to its loft and length, making it an ideal club for golfers of all levels. In addition, the 7-iron is excellent for hitting chip and long bunker shots. 

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How Do I Choose Golf Clubs For My Height?

Your height plays a significant role in selecting the right golf clubs. If you are too tall for the club, generating enough power behind your shots will be challenging, and accuracy will suffer. 

Controlling them throughout your swing can be tricky if the clubs are too short. To find your best fit, measure your height from head to toe and then consult a size chart. 

Once you have determined your height range, try different clubs with the appropriate shaft length. It’s best to test out multiple clubs before settling on one as the perfect fit. 

Make sure that the grips are comfortable for your hands and that they match the type of swing that you have. 

What’s Easier To Hit: Hybrid Or Fairway Wood?

Hybrids are often easier to hit than fairway woods because they have a lower center of gravity and a more aerodynamic head design. This makes them better suited for shots from the rough or off the tee. 

Fairway Woods, on the other hand, has a larger clubhead with more weight behind it. This allows players to generate more power and distance when hitting off the fairway. 

Consider your swing type and overall skill level when deciding between a hybrid and a fairway wood. If you are a beginner or occasional golfer, hybrids might be better for you as they are easier to hit and more forgiving of mistakes. 

Experienced players may find that fairway woods offer more power and control on their shots.  

What Is The Most Forgiving Golf Club?

The most forgiving golf club is typically a hybrid club. Hybrids are designed to provide more control and accuracy than traditional irons while also offering more forgiveness in terms of mishits. 

Hybrids are shorter than traditional irons and have a lower center of gravity, which makes them easier to hit. The clubhead is more prominent than an iron, and the clubface has more loft, providing a higher launch angle for shots off the tee. 

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How Do You Tell Which Club Is A Driver?

A driver is typically the longest and lightest club in your set of golf clubs. The clubhead is larger than a fairway wood or iron, and the shaft will also be longer. The face of the driver has the least amount of loft, which helps generate more distance off the tee. The sweet spot on a driver is much larger than other clubs, making it more forgiving for mishits. 

It’s easy to tell which club is the driver; just look for the longest and lightest club in your bag. A driver’s head will also have a distinctive shape that sets it apart from other clubs. Additionally, you can check the number on the bottom of the clubhead; drivers are typically marked with a 1 or an 11. 

How Many Wedges Should You Carry?

Most golfers will carry 3 to 4 wedges in their bag. These include a pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and gap wedge. 

Of the four, the pitching wedge is the most commonly used and has the highest loft, typically around 46-50 degrees. The sand wedge is popular and has a lower loft that helps you hit out of the sand and deep rough. The lob wedge is used to hit high, soft shots, while the gap wedge is often used in between your pitching wedge and sand wedge. 

Depending on your skill level and course conditions, you may want to carry additional wedges, such as a flop or approach wedge. However, for most golfers, 3-4 wedges should be enough. 

Can You Tee Off With A 7-Iron?

No, it is not recommended to tee off with a 7-iron. The 7-iron is designed for medium-length shots and has a loft that’s too high to generate the desired distance off the tee. Its low center of gravity makes it harder to control your shot when hitting from the tee box. 

Instead, use a driver or fairway wood when teeing off, as these clubs have a larger face, more loft, and longer shafts that will help you generate maximum distance. 

What Is The Difference Between A Wedge And An Iron?

The difference between an iron and a wedge is the amount of loft they provide. Irons generally have less loft than wedges, which means that irons are better suited for longer shots, while wedges are better for short approach shots and high, soft shots around the green. 

Irons also have a smaller clubhead than wedges, which makes them easier to control on long shots. Wedges have a larger clubhead with more weight behind it, which helps generate more power and spin on short shots. 

Overall, irons and wedges are important clubs in your bag and should be used according to the situation.  

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How Can You Tell If A Golf Club Is Men’s Or Women’s?

The easiest way to tell if a golf club is men’s or women’s is to look at the length of the shaft. Men’s clubs generally have longer shafts than women’s clubs, usually measuring 40-43 inches long. 

Additionally, you can check the shaft flex; women’s clubs typically have a softer flex than men’s, which helps generate more control and accuracy with shots. Women’s clubs also tend to have a higher loft than men’s, which helps launch the ball at a higher angle off the tee. 

Finally, you can check the clubhead’s weight; women’s clubs are usually lighter than men’s, making them easier to swing.

Can A 5″ 7 Woman Use Men’s Golf Clubs?

Yes, a 5″ 7 woman can use men’s golf clubs. However, ensuring that the club length and shaft flex are appropriate for her height and swing type is important. 

Men’s clubs generally come in longer sizes than women’s, which may benefit taller golfers. However, shorter golfers should ensure that they find a club that fits their height and swing speed. 

Additionally, women should look for clubs with a softer flex shaft as they typically generate less clubhead speed than men. This will help ensure that the club does not overpower their swing and give them more control over their shots.

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What Do The Numbers Mean On A Golf Club?

The numbers on a golf club indicate the amount of loft it provides. The higher the number, the more loft the club has. For example, a 9-iron will have more loft than an 8-iron, which means it will launch the ball at a higher angle and shorter distance. 

Additionally, some clubs may be marked with a 0 or 11, indicating they are drivers. Drivers typically have the least loft and longest shafts, making them better suited for tee or long-distance shots. 

What Does G Mean On A Golf Club?

The letter ‘G’ on a golf club indicates that the club is made of graphite. This material is lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for golf clubs. Graphite shafts are becoming increasingly popular among players. This is due to their lightweight feel and ability to maximize power with a smooth swing.


We hope the golf club guide we provided above has been helpful. The five golf clubs listed above are the most popular golf clubs used in the golf arena. Understanding how they are used and when to use each one can make a difference in your game.

❓ What are the types of golf clubs?

  • Wood golf clubs
  • Irons golf clubs
  • Putters golf clubs
  • Hybrids golf clubs
  • Wedges golf clubs