Golf exercises for seniors

Are you a golf veteran and is looking for golf exercises for seniors? Well, golf, just like other games, requires immense practice, dedication, and passion. It is also one of those games that require a lot of skills and techniques. Given the fact that golf engages most of the body muscles, getting the right gold exercise tips is the trick to doing the best in your golf game. This article explores golf exercises for seniors and how to do them to ensure big wins and avoid potential risks and injuries.

golf exercises for seniors

Golf Flexibility Exercises For Seniors

Senior golfers need to participate in activities that engage their muscles in a stretch for them to be flexible enough. Golf swings require that you maintain a flexible body. Here’s a highlight of tricks to achieve golf flexibility.

Shoulder stretch

Shoulder stretch enables the senior golfer to improve on a wide range of motions on the shoulder region. That enhances flexibility which is key to making the best golf swings. It can also serve as a warm-up exercise since you equally need to attain your muscles’ optimal flexibility before you start the game.

It is a simple activity you can do by holding your golf club in front of you with your arms gripping each club’s end. You can switch to an overhead grip as you please for maximum flexibility.

Hip flexors

These are special muscles that aid in bringing the legs towards the trunk. Engaging them is a sure way to attain maximum flexibility as you prepare for the game. You can begin with a forward lunge position as you drop the back knee towards the floor. It would be best if you raised your arms over your head. After holding this position for about 30 seconds, switch to the other leg.

Twisting stretch

That is a great golf exercise for seniors that engage nearly all body muscles while equally enhancing a lot of flexibility. Your legs should be set in a manner that they are wider than the hips. Proceed to rest your right hand on the lower palm. Bending the right knee, reach the left hand. Twist repeatedly towards the left. Switch sides.

Golf stretches for seniors

Golf is one of the games that engage our muscles a lot. If you are a golf senior, practising golf stretches is sure to remain physically fit and strong for the game. The stretches allow your muscles to maintain strength and flex mechanics.

Here are three ideal golf flexibility exercises for seniors.

Siting hip stretch 1. This stretch requires you to have a chair. It is used to engage the muscles of your arms to enhance balance, flexibility, and strength. Keeping your knees and hips facing forward, sit, and scoot facing the edge of the chair. Gradually twist to the right with your left hand positioned on the right knee. Your right-hand serves as leverage. Hold on to this position for some minutes and then change to the left side.

Sitting Hip Stretch 2. Here, it would help if you still used a chair, but your right ankle should rest on the top of the left knee. Position your right knee such that it is parallel to the floor. You can do this by pressing it gently with the right hand. Should you feel any pain or excess strain, be sure to let it go. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds then change to the left side.

Bridge. The bridge is one of the most effective golf exercises for seniors, and it plays an all-round role. It serves to enhance flexibility, stretches, and as a warm-up senior golf exercise. The strategy is simple and involves lying down on a surface or a yoga mat. You lay on your back as you maintain the knees in a bent position. The feet should be flat on the ground. Try lifting your pelvis off the ground by pushing through your feet. You should hold on to this position for about 3 seconds. Carry on with 10-20 preps, and you will be set to go for a big win.

golf stretches for seniors

Golf Warm-up Exercises for Seniors

Senior golf warm-up exercises are crucial to ignite your muscles and the body for the real event. There’s no denying that a golf senior is susceptible to potential mobility loss, at times. Warming up is an ideal way to counter these obvious challenges.

Golf warm-up exercises

Here are suitable golf warm-up exercises for seniors that you need to apply.

  1. Take a quick walk. That is an incredibly satisfying way of giving your legs a workout before you start the game. We recommend walking briskly for about five minutes without a stop. That is what you can do anywhere, in the field, around your car park, or simply in the compound. It is worth it.
  2. Trunk rotations. That is a good warm-up for a powerful upswing. It is usually a simple activity that you can do while standing or lying down. Hooking both arms around the golf club, rotate your trunk, gently, to the left side until you start feeling a stretch. Maintain this posture for about 30 seconds and then repeat it on the other side.
  3. Wrist extension. This warm-up is aimed at achieving a powerful back and downswings. It enables your wrist to bend and extend back and forth. Remember limitations on the extension of the wrist affect your golf club’s control, which can cause potential injuries.
  4. Squats. Bodyweight squats are some of the most effective golf warm-up activities since they engage the entire body muscles. Straightening your back and putting your arms in front, gently bring your body down to a squatting posture. Concentrate on pushing your body weight on the heels. Your feet should be in line with your feet.


There is a lot you can achieve in your golf gaming. Getting the appropriate golf exercises is a primary step. If you are a golf senior, try as much as possible to maintain regular practice sessions. They are important in keeping you physically fit and prepared for the game.


❓What golf exercises are most beneficial for seniors?

  • Golf flexibility exercises;
  • Stretches;
  • Golf warm-up exercises.

❓What golf flexibility exercises are most beneficial for seniors?

  • Shoulder stretch;
  • Hip flexors;
  • Twisting stretch.

❓What golf warm-up exercises are most beneficial for seniors?

  • Take a quick walk;
  • Trunk rotations;
  • Wrist extension;
  • Squats.