Golf swing exercises

Golf swing exercises are among the primary activities that will boost your golf course. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or someone who is picking up afresh, training is an excellent part of your success. Knowing how to carry them on is a great way to make your golf game very interesting. Your passion begins to grow every day. That translates to better results. So if you are wondering how to better or kick start your golf swing exercises, we are here to guide you exclusively. Keep reading.

exercises for golf swing

The best golf swing exercises

Exercise to increase golf swing speed

Strengthening golf swing speed has everything to do with engaging and strengthening the core muscles. These are the muscles separating the lower and the upper body.

Here are ideal golf swing exercises that will help you achieve this.

Horizontal chops

Horizontal chop is one of the most favourite exercises because of its simplicity. You can practice this using cable machines or a band.

Important points to note:

  • You should set the pulley or band you use at the same level as your arms and parallel to the floor;
  • Remember to fasten the core before you start exercising;
  • The pelvis should be stable. Also, try as much as possible to keep your legs static;
  • As you start, do it slowly until you are sure that your body can stay still. Proceed to pull even faster as you successively add tension or weight;
  • To balance off the activity on your golf muscles, remember to do this on both sides.

Torso backswing

That is one of the most efficient exercises to help you increase golf swing speed since it mimics golf backswing. Crossing your hands across your chest, position yourself in a 5-iron posture. Proceed to turn your shoulders backwards. Ensure that your hips are stable.

Also, be careful not to extend your turning as this might cause a mild injury. Stop the rotation once the lower body begins to move. Maintain this position for a few minutes. You can increase the resistance by adding a band once you can make a complete turn.

Plank progression

This activity is used to engage the shoulders, ankles, and hips muscles and prepares you for speedy golf swings. Ideally, you align these parts of your body in a straight line without allowing for any arching.

Exercises to increase club head speed

One of the most exciting parts of golf is hitting a very long drive better than anyone else.

Strength training

It would help if you created a plan to hit the ball farther, starting with strength training exercises. When we mention strength training, of course, the first thing that should come to your mind is the gym. Weight training also helps more strength for powerful clubhead speed.

Plenty of people presume that chest, shoulders, and biceps will make a great golfer. Well, while these are the core areas that will make your body strong, they will not help you increase clubhead speed so much.

When carrying out strength training, focus your exercise on the forearms, hips, and abdominal muscles. These are the integral muscles that will help you have a better golf experience and gain a lot of distance by increasing clubhead speed. We recommend using a medicine ball to help you build your muscular strength.

In a way, it mimics a golf swing since it involves swinging the ball slowly from side to side. Make sure you carry on with it slowly. Swinging at normal swing rates can pose potential injuries. A low speed is also very important as it helps stabilize and strengthen your muscles better than fast movements.

exercises to increase club head speed

Flexibility training

If you can train your body and muscles to be flexible, you can tremendously increase your clubhead speed. First, it is important to note that having muscles does not necessarily translate to speedy club heads. Big muscles are often less flexible. Golf primarily requires a lot of flexibility to generate clubhead speed.

Flexibility training proves a lot easier. The advantage is that even a little flexibility training creates a significant increase in distance. Overall, it is the most efficient training to increase your clubhead speed. Just be careful not to strain your muscles too much.

Here are quick flexibility training tips that will increase your clubhead speed:

  • Wrap the right arm across the chest;
  • Secure the left arm to your body;
  • Push on your arm slowly so that you start feeling a stretch in your shoulder. Alternate the positions so that the other arm is engaged in action as well;
  • Standing on a right-angled wall, stretch your abdomen to one side;
  • Use one arm to generate more pressure by grabbing the wall with one arm. That will help to engage your side muscles and enhance flexibility.

There are different methods of increasing clubhead speed. The bottom line is for you to be able to compare them and opt for one with better results.

Golf hip rotation Exercise

Together with core stability, hip mobility is very critical in enhancing better golf game results. Any golfer must endeavour to keep their hips flexible enough since the game engages this part of the body a great deal. So getting it prepared through golf hip rotation exercise is an ideal undertaking.


  • With your legs stacked, lie on the left side of your body. Making sure that your hips are stacked on top of the other, bend your knee to an angle of about 45 degree;
  • Support your head with the left arm. Position the right arm on the right hip to help stabilize the upper part of the body;
  • Open your legs and move the right knee up as high as possible. To keep the abdomen region engaged, tuck your belly bottom in. Ensure that there is no movement in your pelvis. With the right knee still lifted, take a little pause and return it to the original location;
  • After repeating this about 20 times, alternate the sides to the right.

90/90 stretch

  • You begin this with a seated posture on the floor. It would help if you bent your knees, and your feet should be flat on the floor;
  • Rotate the right leg such that its exterior touches down;
  • Extend your right thigh in a forward manner;
  • Rotate your leg once more such that the exterior touches the floor;
  • Extend the left thigh to the left of your body;
  • Keeping your spine straight, maintain the sitz bones pressed on the floor, and then proceed to lean forward with your hands on the right calf;
  • Maintain this position for about 30 seconds and then do the same for the opposite side.

The bottom line

Golf swing exercises, just like other games, require a lot of exercises to ensure big wins. If you make it a routine to do these exercises for the golf swing, you will not tremendous improvements. Keep on practising with patience and begin to realize better results.