Best Core Exercises For Golf Players

Golf is one of the most exciting games, and, just like in other games, mastering the best exercises for a golf game is what makes you a guru. Golf exercises are activities that strengthen your muscles and prepare you for golf swings. Beginners in the game often make swing errors.

Players can only correct such faults through repeated golf exercises. Most golf exercises are targeted at the gluteal muscles. Gluteal muscles play a huge role in making your body stable, and mobile and providing power to lower the body appropriately as you brace for a powerful golf swing.

Whether you are a veteran who is looking for better ways to refine your golf skills or you are a beginner, this article will equip you with all you need to master the art of golf. Keep reading.

You can start your core exercises using this simple guide.

Golf workout

Best Core Exercises For Golf Players – what are they?

Golf Fitness

Most people carry out golf exercises at home, and when they experience some pain, they conclude that their golf swing is probably a problem. Well, you are on the right track. Your setback is that you’ve not practiced golf fitness. Golf swings require you to train your muscles to be flexible enough. Low swing styles and mechanics could also cause your pain, but most likely, your muscles lack flexibility.

There’s no denying that golf is a vigorous and equally ballistic undertaking involving abrupt exertion. Besides, the golf game is one-sided. That gives you more reasons to practice golf fitness. It will help you counter muscle imbalance and overuse injuries associated with it.

Here are the three best golf fitness exercises.

Practice doing seated rotations

Rotational mobility is one of the golf tactics to set a big win. Seated rotation is a fitness exercise that will help you to improve on this. To do it, you can use a towel between your knees and hold something like a club behind you with your arms. Make sure it rests on your elbow’s crook. Setting your palms on your stomach, try to maintain this posture for about half a minute, and alternate the sides.

Hand walks

If you’ve been playing golf and suffer from “golfer’s elbow” handwalks will help you overcome it. It is a simple fitness exercise that involves a simple bend of your waist in a forward manner while setting your hands on the ground. You should be able to move on your four limbs. With your knees straight, walk your forearms in a pushup position. Do this about 10 times.

90/90 Stretch

The 90/90 stretch goal is to build your flexibility and mobility by opening up your shoulder muscles for the swing action. To do it, firstly, lie on one side, say the right side of your body, with the bottom leg straight on the working floor or yoga mat. Bend the top leg with the inside of the knee facing the ground. Further, proceed to rotate your trunk as you try to put the top shoulder blade on the floor. After holding for about 10 reps, switch to the other side.

Strength training for golfers

Golf requires strength. You need to train your body very well and do all that it takes to gain body strength. There’s a reputation that golfers are rendered physically unfit after long-term playing. Honestly, it is an activity that requires strength and a lot of exercise to remain healthy, physically stable, and fit.

Best exercises for golfers

Here are four exercises for golfers to help build your strength.

Train all planes of the body. Golf is a one-sided game. If you don’t engage in appropriate exercises for golfers, you risk getting physically imbalanced. You can achieve this by exercising all planes of your body. Do exercises that engage the frontal plane, the transverse plane, and the sagittal plane. Through engaging these planes, your body is exposed to a broader range of motions that keep you strong and mobile.

Get balanced. After playing golf, aim to do vigorous activities that will balance your muscles and bring about flexibility. That will keep you strong and stable. When your body and muscles are balanced, you get maximum torque, which enables you to whip the club around with full force.

Do targeted training. When training for strength and fitness, ensure that you incorporate unilateral movements in your routine. These include one-arm bench presses.

Do a lot of warm-ups. Well, before you start the actual game, you can build some strength for the next game by doing some engaging warm-ups. Be moderate enough, or you could begin to waste up your muscles before the game and lose terribly. Just do warm-ups that get you warmed up. We recommend leg and arm swings that adequately prepare your body for the game.

Weight training for golfers

Weight training for golfers is as vital as doing golf fitness. It helps you to build strong muscles, which increases the clubhead speed. Players play golf games with the coordination of efforts by several muscle groups in the body. Therefore, it is important to perform exercises that ensure weight and strength gain in all the muscles involved are balanced and that there are no weak points.

Home or health club gyms and exercises

Most golfers prefer home gyms to exercise since they can do it any time of the day without having to travel. Well, it is still a smart idea. If you buy a weight machine, you will require more space at home. Also, have a mirror installed somewhere to allow you to check your body form as you carry on with the weight training exercise. The advantages of a health club are that they have a wide array of weight training equipment. They also have instructors to train you on the appropriate weight training techniques.

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Recommended weight training method

Your body parts, especially muscles, respond to exercise targeted at them. To gain a balanced weight, therefore, you need to do all-around muscular training. When carrying out weight training golfers, try to do a lot of repetitions on each technique. We strongly recommend doing 10 or 20 repetitions per set or even more.

Also noteworthy is that you don’t need heavy weights to do this. It depends on the body of an individual. So stick to weights only you can maintain.

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With the right training exercises, you can scale your golfing heights. Your safety and health are paramount, whether in the field or during your training exercises. Good luck!


❓ What exercises are most beneficial for golfers?

  • Golf fitness;
  • Strength training for golfers;
  • Weight training for golfers;
  • Wrapping up.

❓ What fitness exercises are most beneficial for golfers?

  • Practice doing seated rotations;
  • Hand walks
  • 90/90 Stretch.

❓ What strength training exercises are most beneficial for golfers?

  • Train all planes of the body;
  • Get balanced;
  • Do targeted training;
  • Do a lot of warm-ups.